Business Mentor: Everyday habits that guarantee success

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Sep 14 2019 08:00 AM

Everyday habits that guarantee success, but which you likely ignore I always start my day with a prayer thanking the Lord for giving me another chance at life, to see new opportunities and be with my loved ones. This is what allows me to go through the day.

As a mentor to many entrepreneurs, I guide them not only on handling their businesses wisely, I also teach them to be emotionally and psychologically prepared if they truly want to succeed.

Apart from knowing the ins and outs of the business, you need to program your mind to let you climb the ladder of success. Here are some simple things you can do every day that will help you succeed.

1. Focus on your goals. As your day starts, make it a habit to create a to-do list. Have a clear picture of how you want your day to be.

List them according to how they can help you achieve your goals for the day. You may also create a list of things that you plan to do for a month. Track down your progress so you’ll know if you are going to the right path.

Give yourself a few minutes each day to gather your thoughts and remind yourself that you need to accomplish something every day. Motivate yourself so you can take the necessary actions to reach your goal.

2. Meditate. Many get caught up with their busy schedules. They fail to stop for a while and listen to what their inner self is telling them. Close your eyes and see yourself.

Are you happy spending so many hours behind your desk doing so many things and then going home tired and unable to talk to your family?

When you meditate, you clear your mind and alleviate anxiety. You will be surprised at how much better you can handle difficult situations when you learn to be calm.

3. Talk to somebody. You don’t need to talk to a professional all the time. Sometimes the problems we are dealing with is not because of the business or job that we have. Most of the time it is ourselves. We fail to recognize who we are or what we have become.

Too much stress from work can turn people into monsters without them knowing it.

Sometimes, all we need is someone to listen. Bottled up emotions don’t just hurt relationships—they can also affect your health.

Also, talking to other people may help you be enlightened. There may be things you have in mind that you plan to pursue. Sharing it with someone may help you scrutinize whether it is something that is possible or not.

A word or two of support may just be all you need to create a dynamic plan.

These habits are not too difficult to do. Remember: your daily habits determine your success.

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