PH Internet marketers agree on standard for performance


Posted at Sep 14 2017 08:27 PM

Dennis Perez and Hans Roxas-Chua presenting the E2 (Exposure x Effectiveness) as the Philippine Digital Measurement Standard framework. Photo handout

MANILA – A group of internet marketing professionals have taken the first step towards establishing an industry standard to measure marketing and advertising performance in the country.

The Digital Measurement Board (DMB) under the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) recently came up with a digital measurement standard for the Philippines, which it said can help advertisers evaluate the role of digital in driving business results.

“The rapid growth of digital advertising and marketing in the Philippines has pushed the need to create a measurement standard for the industry," said Dennis Perez of Unilever.

"This sparked the DMB to initiate a two-year review of metrics and benchmarks across different digital experiences. We are happy to get the support and involvement of almost 30 companies in the Digital Measurement Board,” he continued.

He said the standard clarifies the metrics that matter, the benchmarks that define success, and the sources that can reliably provide measurement.

Hans Roxas-Chua of the Certified Digital Marketing Program (CDM), who co-chairs the DMB with Perez, meanwhile said that their end goal is for marketers to have “a single currency” for measuring digital. They are now in the process of establishing benchmarks and standards for measuring consumers’ digital experience.

The Philippine Digital Measurement Standard is built on Exposure and Effectiveness metrics. 

Exposure measures the reach of the campaign, the quality of the placement, and the cost efficiencies of the delivery, while Effectiveness measures the impact of digital in moving conversion funnel metrics of Awareness, Consideration, and Purchase Intent.
The Digital Measurement Board, founded in 2012 by the IMMAP, is composed of representatives from advertisers, media agencies, broadcasters and publishers, creative agencies, research agencies, and global platforms like Google and Facebook.

DMB chairpersons Hans Roxas-Chua of the Certified Digital Marketing Program and Perez launched the framework on August 24, 2017 at the BGC Arts Center.