AI to be at core of new services, products: IBM


Posted at Sep 08 2023 09:48 PM

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Artificial intelligence can help companies improve decision-making and even improve their sustainability goals, according to tech giant IBM. 

Unlike before when AI was just “added” to products and services, today’s generative AI will be “at the core” of new products and services, said Agnes Heftberger, IBM general manager and technology leader for ASEA, Australia, New Zealand and Korea. 

“We will reimagine services. We will reimagine products. We will reimagine processes. It will be AI first, AI plus, and I think that’s a tremendous shift that’s happening and a great opportunity for companies and societies, really,” Heftberger said in an interview with ANC. 

AI can help the world become more sustainable by processing large amounts of data on the environment, and by making companies more productive. 

“Often when we look at the ways of making the processes of companies more productive, we will make them more sustainable, and the other way around.” 

Many CEOs are also aware of the importance of using AI to get ahead of their competitors, Heftberger said. 

“They basically say: whoever uses the most AI is going to win.” 

However, AI also needs good data, Heftberger said. 

“It depends on what you feed it. It’s the data that’s the basis for it, and we really believe from an IBM point of view and the AI models that we bring into the world, we need to know that the data is accurate, that it’s actually compliant with regulatory requirements, that IP rights are clear.” 

CEOs in the Philippines have AI “very high” on their agenda.