Money matters top 'adulting' topic for millennials: Google Trends


Posted at Sep 08 2017 09:28 AM

MANILA - Millennials go online for information on "adulting" or how to act like a grown up, and these involve mostly money matters, according to a Google Trends study.

Finances is the top search topic for millennials who want to know how to be an adult, followed by vehicles and real estate, the April to June study showed.

Aside from "adulting," the two other top interests for the generation are creativity and experiences, said Google Philippines industry analyst Geia Lopez.

"The keyword really for understanding millennials is access. The three things that they are looking for is creativity, experiences and adulthood," Lopez told ANC's Early Edition.

"If we just center around any of those themes, we can create very meaningful experiences and content for millennials. That is something they will really gobble up," she said.

"Adulting" as a search theme was a "surprising" finding of the Google Trends study, Lopez said.

"Millennials want access to adulthood they refer to the internet to get guidance on making these all these mature decisions," she said.

The generation is more interested in gaining experience from travel, sports and eating out than in accumulating material things, she said.

"Experience is the new currency for millennials, more than their possessions," she said.

Growing up with easy access to the internet, millennials search for creative pursuits "to find their own unique sound, their own unique jam."