Business Mentor: How to build a strong online presence

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Sep 04 2021 08:05 AM


The internet is probably the best invention ever. Without it, no business would have ever survived while the world was on lockdown. 

Entrepreneurs from earlier generations are continuously learning about the wonders of the internet. Major companies have created their own websites to showcase their business. Many consumers rely on the internet when they plan to purchase something. Through the internet, they learn more about a certain brand. 

So, how do you maximize your online presence strategically?

1. First and foremost, a company should build a website that can attract visitors and turn them into customers. You should look for a web developer who understands your vision for the company and create an outstanding web design. Your website is one of the places that people would check out to know about your company. Your website should instantly answer all the questions that a consumer asks.

2. Be part of a community where consumers share their experiences about different businesses. Whether the negative comments placed on these sites are true or not, it is best that you express your concern to these consumers and inform them on how you can help them.

3. Reach out using various social media platforms and create outstanding content. This will allow your brand to show in search engines.

4. Create value by providing educational, free content online. Consumers positively react when they read something that can help them with their personal needs. Share information that would help them understand certain matters. Always respond to their inquiries.

5. Customers want to be heard. Whether they provide you with their bad experiences or would want to suggest something to improve your brand, take time to read their opinions and suggestions. You don’t necessarily have to do everything that your customers tell you. But you can get a thing or two from them on how to improve your products or services.

6. Decide on a platform where you want to promote your business. Social media advertising is incredibly helpful in “spreading the word”. 

7. Consider the help of a marketing influencer. You may have noticed that apart from the ads we see on television, many celebrities and known influencers have been hired by companies to promote their business. When you choose a popular celebrity with great credibility to promote your products and/or services, this allows people to talk about your brand, get curious, and eventually purchase.

8. Fill in the gap that your competitors seem to be missing. Checking on your competitor is normal. You want to know if you are doing just fine or if you lack something, or have something that needs to be improved. However, you may also study how your competitors are doing and try to find something that would make you stand out.

9. Develop relationships among people that can benefit your business. For example, bloggers are now mostly used to help in promoting businesses. This form of exposure similarly allows a business to be recognized. Podcasters may even invite you for a lengthy interview wherein you can better inform the listeners/audience more about your brand.

10. Plan your email marketing newsletters in advance. Set up an email sign-up form on your site that shows up automatically as soon as an online visitor checks on your website.

It’s all about having fresh, creative, and exceptional content that will attract consumers to your brand. Remember that these marketing strategies will help you gain momentum in your business by building brand awareness and developing a strong reputation. This will require a lot of effort. But, for sure all those long hours will pay off in time.


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