Business Mentor: Success is a choice

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Aug 28 2021 08:03 AM

Everything that we do has consequences. Our quality of life depends on the choices that we make every day. This refers to both big decisions as well as the minor ones which add up. 

So how do you live a life that leads to success?

Before a person becomes successful, he needs to embrace certain traits. First, he has to have self-confidence—not in the sense of being boastful, loud or rowdy but knowing that you are capable of positive results. 

When people have self-confidence, they feel great about themselves, are able to push themselves and set long-term goals. They are seen as risk-takers and achievers.

Without self-esteem, we can never reach our full potential since fear will be holding us back. To be afraid of something is normal. However, being afraid to take chances and grab great opportunities will not lead you closer to whatever you want. 

A successful entrepreneur is being a risk-taker and opportunity grabber. Not every opportunity will produce positive results. But even failures teach you something. 

Life is full of challenges that help each one of us to grow as a person. 

Believe that you are in control – that you can do things on your own. But ensure that your plans are backed up with a solid foundation so you eliminate mistakes. Never be afraid to learn new things. Equip yourself with the kind of knowledge that your career requires. Read books, attend workshops and seminars, and join events allow you to be exposed to a bigger world.

If you think that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you can still redeem yourself. As long as you are alive, there is hope. There is room for change. 

Don’t think that you can no longer change just because you are already in your 40s or 50s. As long as you are willing to create a better version of yourself, you can change your life.

All of us want to be successful in life – to be financially secure so that we can enjoy life with our families. But success means more than just having a lot of money in the bank. As an entrepreneur, success also refers to:

•    The level of learning and knowledge which you achieved through challenges and adversities
•    Growth of your customer base because your products meet the needs of the public.
•    Employee satisfaction 
•    Customer satisfaction
•    Your personal satisfaction knowing that you have sustained a business that can support your family and help others by providing them jobs.

These measures of success are not difficult to achieve for as long as you are determined. You must believe that you can. It is your choice if you want to succeed. You cannot just dream of becoming successful. Dreams don’t work unless you do. You need to take that first step in order for you to reach your goal. 

How successful are you now? Do you think you are close to your goals? Do share your experiences and send them to my email so I can also share your story with others.

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