Globe asks DPWH contractors to be diligent as diggings cut fiber cables


Posted at Aug 26 2021 01:16 PM

MANILA - Globe Telecom on Thursday again asked public works contractors to be more careful when digging up roads as they sometimes the telco’s cut fiber optic cables. 

In a statement, Globe said “numerous fiber cuts caused by road digging continue to interrupt internet service.” 

“Multiple times, we find people from construction companies assigned by the DPWH who will use a backhoe wantonly and dig up our fiber. This disrupts the services of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.

“So once again, I reiterate our appeal to the DPWH and its contractors to act responsibly and recognize this recurring issue,” Cu added.

He said construction or backhoe-induced fiber cuts happen very often and the issue has been raised by Globe to the DPWH several times.

“We've been lobbying the government for some support in terms of getting these construction companies to be a bit more diligent in looking at build plans, given the fact that the internet is so important these days and any outage is found to attract a lot of attention from the public given their dependence on connectivity,” Cu said.

Besides disrupting telco services, the damage caused by the diggings has also been costly for the company, Globe said, pushing it to file criminal and civil cases against the contractors.


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