Filipina promotes tablea in chocolate nation Belgium

Raquel Bernal-Crisostomo, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Aug 23 2019 12:52 PM

GHENT, Belgium -- A Filipina chocolatier is pushing for tablea in this European country that is famous for chocolates, her latest concoction sweetened with sugar cane and made in the Philippines.

Tableya Filipina will be available by October, in time for Christmas gifting, said Marielle Moens. Her first tabela-based chocolates, called Theo and Brom, were manufactured in Belgium.

"You will notice that the brands that dominate especially in drinking chocolate are mostly from the big corporations. I believe that it’s time for us to reintroduce this as something that Filipino household would enjoy everyday,” she said.

"We found a new concept, something that brings back our Cacao traditions to tablea which is the original form of the chocolate which we wanted to promote," she said.

The logo of Tableya Filipina is written in Baybayin, the script used by Filipinos before the Spanish colonization. It comes in "melt in your mouth" minis at 150 grams per pack.

The Filipina entrepreneur's Belgian husband, Matthias Moens, said: " She already proved to me multiple times that when she comes with an idea, she succeeds, very often, on what she’s doing. So I have full confidence in this."