Business Mentor: How to strategically build your brand

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Aug 22 2020 11:03 AM

How does a business get recognized in a very wide market? There are many companies which offer the same products and services—many of them have been operating for years. They did not thrive just by waiting for people to pass by their stores.

If you want your company to be noticed, you need to plan how you will be perceived by your customers. You need to look at the strategies other entrepreneurs have proven to be effective in building their personal brand identity.

Personal branding is the heart of any small business.

Business is not conducted solely based on what you provide, but also your character, credibility, integrity, and how you deal with people. Simply put, consumers don’t buy from businesses, but rather buy from the people that they like and trust.

The purchasing power of a consumer today is far different from what it was 10 or 20 years ago. People nowadays do not just solely purchase the things that they need or want, but also purchase products that make them feel good about their purchase. Therefore, an entrepreneur needs to present himself/herself to the consumers in a way that secures loyalty.

The products and services are what the consumers are looking for, while personal branding is the reason why people come to you over your competitors. Consumers want to have a reason to buy from you, and that one reason is probably being able to provide excellent customer service.

Consumers want to feel that they are being valued.

The Structure of Personal Branding
You need to build your business around your target market. You need to know the people who will patronize your products and services. You need to ensure that what they get is something that is more than they expect and that they would be coming back.

You also need to know who your competitors are and what they are doing so that you can be different. This means looking for something that would make you stand out in a very competitive industry.

You need to be unique, and this can either make or break you. Therefore, be watchful of your actions and decisions for you to gain the right position in the market. It is better to choose your niche and concentrate on it. As you gain your market share and then after some time, you may broaden what you can offer.

Being social media savvy is an advantage. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest have a huge following. If you are in the food business, Facebook may just be the appropriate channel to bring out the word. If your business is about fashion and arts, the most likely platform best to showcase your products would be Instagram or Pinterest. If you offer some kind of service, the best social media platform would be Twitter and LinkedIn. So, it truly pays to recognize the power of each of the popular social media platform to know which is the best one to help you in your business.

Planning the content of your branding is crucial. You need to use your creative mind on how you can excellently present your products and services that can easily entice people to check you out. Make sure that you create a list of the needs you want to address. Create a very powerful content that emphasizes how you can be the best option in purchasing a certain product. Curate content that can help you gain brand awareness and keep you at the forefront.

There are also other means that can help you build your brand, and that is through the help of influencers. They can either endorse you through their own social media.

It is also quite common these days for businesses to invite bloggers to introduce their company and their offerings, and give bloggers some token in exchange for a blog or two.

Branding means you need to have the necessary resources to build it. It is impossible to get the word out without shelling out some amount of money.

You can also build your relationships by joining events, or organizations where you target customers who are likely to visit. The important thing is that you mingle with the right people and not waste your time dealing with the wrong ones.

Personal Branding Is Not A One-Time Deal
When you start developing your personal branding, you should know that there is never an end to it. It is a continuous process wherein you keep moving forward to improve and maintain engagement with your customers.

Don’t overdo social media. Being overexposed can also be a point against you. Plan your posts and create content that keeps your followers asking for more.

Be consistent. Don’t disappear for some time and still hope that your followers are still there. If you cannot dedicate your time 100 percent in creating social media posts, ask help from someone who knows how to get the job right.

Share with your followers your personal journey so that they may know you. You can’t always be seen as perfect because that would be hiding the truth. Your imperfections are what makes you, you. That invisible connection that you have with your followers and customers is what can make your personal brand a success.
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