Business Mentor: The goal of helping others succeed

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Aug 13 2022 09:05 AM

I have met thousands of people in various speaking engagements for the past 30 years. There were many who truly showed interest in starting a business. Sharing their stories of success is what kept me going with the job that I love – mentoring. 

In today’s article, I will share with you a business that was started during the pandemic. Yes! It is another successful business amidst the pandemic despite most of us being fearful of what the future holds after COVID-19.

I met Mr. Roderick Dilag back in February 2019 when he attended The New Bold University. I have always made it a point to stress the importance of having your own business since it can elevate not only your status but also provide security for the needs of your family. And it was fortunate that Mr. Dilag wasted no time in pitching his idea of starting a franchise business with his partner, Mr. Jersey Ong.

A TipidSulit Laundromat branch. Photo by Roderick Dilag
A TipidSulit Laundromat branch. Photo by Roderick Dilag

Mr. Ong is one of the first self-service laundry business owners in the Philippines and Mr. Dilag is a technology solutions provider. Their partnership led to the birth of TSL Corporation which was the start of an important chapter in their lives.

TSL Corporation operates TipidSulit Laundromat which started in 2020. The company was a collaboration between two companies – QnE Laundry Shop & R4M-Microtech Technology. QnE Laundry Shop is a self-service, American-style Laundromat established back in 2015 while R4M-MicroTech is a technology-based company founded in 2008. 

My wife, Lyndah, and I became their guide as they started their business. 
We were happy to extend our help because their goal was not simply to put up a business. This is what I would call, a “business with a heart”. Why? It’s because they have made it easier for other aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business. Franchisees start with a 50 percent franchise fee, the royalty fee is paid 4 months after to ensure that the franchisees have at least started generating income. They also offer a 24-month installment plan at zero interest for the laundry machines! 

It was not as difficult to start earning because, from the very start, franchisees already felt that they have chosen the right kind of business for them. 

They also help franchisees pick ideal locations, and support their technical, marketing, and staffing needs. Franchisees are assured that what has been written in the Franchise Agreement is exactly what the franchisees will receive. 

The pandemic has changed our lives forever. Before, the patrons of laundromats were mostly people who lived in condominiums since they do not have enough space to hang their clothes. And of course, the condominium management would not allow such a thing in their building as it can be an eyesore. 

But the laundromat business has since become a lucrative business. Call center employees, students, and those who are living alone have taken advantage of using this service. The prices for the services offered are competitive enough that it is unlikely to see an empty laundromat anywhere you go.

I have asked Mr. Dilag how he sees their business in the next 5 years. And he replied, “I can picture 500-strong franchised branches of TipidSulit Laundromat”. And I believe that this is not impossible to achieve particularly with the attractive business package that they offer. 

 “My advice is to study the business you want to put up. Focus and be dedicated to doing the business,” Dilag said. 

And I agree with what he said 100 percent. No entrepreneur can become successful in his chosen business if he lacks knowledge, patience, dedication, and focus. If these are lacking, the business will just collapse and everything will just be put to waste.

I salute these two great men who have been empowered with their dedication and love to help others. I am greatly honored to have met them and have become instrumental in making their dreams a reality. They did not just think of what would benefit them, but as well as share their knowledge with others so that others can rise up, too.

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