7 Hacks to Save Money during Off-season Vacations


Posted at Aug 07 2017 08:53 AM

MANILA - Two long weekends are coming up and this is the perfect time to take a break. We all love vacations, no matter how short. Long weekends provide us a much-need breather and allow us to rejuvenate. They also offer an opportunity to have a quick getaway or mini vacation.

Doing things on the fly, though, may cost you more than you want to spend. So why not check the calendar to mark those coming long weekends so that you can do some advance planning?

Here are 7 hacks you can do to save on off-season vacations.
1. Look for off-season deals. There are lots of staycation packages and low-season deals being offered these days. Check out the e-coupons and promotions being offered for last-minute stays. Even your favorite credit card companies might have some freebies or discounts to give if you book a trip or hotel stay at this time.
2. Stay with a relative or long-lost friend. Who says you have to spend during vacations? This is an opportunity to bunk with relatives and long-lost friends to catch up with them. Alternatively, invite friends or relatives over to stay at your place. Watch videos, or just chill, without the pressures of having to fork over money for food and accommodations.
3. Try out alternative bed spaces. Staying in hotels can be costly so why not try someone else’s home for your short vacation? There are many sites that allows you to rent out someone else’s home or room, at rates that are far lower than that offered by most hotels. You can even choose the neighborhood where you’d like to stay.

4. Take the bus. Instead of driving your car, take the bus or other reliable public transportation. Not only is this going to be cheaper, it will also spare you the hassles of being stuck in traffic and having to deal with logistics which you’ll have to deal with if you take a car. You can relax and sleep during the ride, keeping you refreshed and relaxed during your vacation.
5. Plan a vacation with friends. Double the fun and plan your vacation with friends, instead of going about it alone. This allows you to split your expenses among yourselves, from gasoline to food to accommodations. If there are many of you, you can even get some discount packages meant for larger groups.
6. Cook your own food. Buying food from your hotel or from restaurants can add up, so cook your own meals instead. Get ingredients from the local market so you can do a bit of exploring at the same time, but you can also get stuff at the grocery. Pack some “baon” that you can munch on while traveling, instead of stopping at restaurants which could push up your expenses.
7. Have a staycation. Who says you have to leave the city so you can enjoy your mini vacation? Hotels offer promotional weekend rates for local residents, allowing you to escape the pressures of work. Relax, take it slow and easy, and do some meditation. You’ll save a lot and come out feeling fresher once the work week begins.
Vacations don’t have to be hard on the pocket. Just take the time to plan ahead and you’ll soon be off to a place you’ve never been to, enjoying your well-deserved break with the family.


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