Business Mentor: Develop the habits of a successful entrepreneur

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Aug 01 2020 09:56 AM

Ready to wear clothing store owners pack up for the day as they try to jump start sales of their business to local buyers in Taytay Rizal on July 30, 2020. Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News

Many businesses that started from homes have flourished despite the lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Many began their business merely out of boredom or to find an alternative means of earning during the enhanced community quarantine. I am happy that so many businesses have sprouted for the past couple of months.

These entrepreneurs can take their business to the next level by keeping in mind these handy tips.

Equip yourself with the right knowledge

It is not enough that you took a business course in college. The best way to get to your goal is to spend time learning and re-learning. Times change and so do trends and technology. You need to be aware of the growing demands of your customers to keep improving and transforming quickly.

Do good things so that great things come back to you

There are entrepreneurs who are just after the financial gain without thinking about their employees or customers. Those who have this kind of thinking are likely to fail regardless of the kind of business.

Learn to designate tasks to the right people

Don’t stress yourself out by doing everything yourself. You need to focus and let others help you.

Don’t bring your business problems home

Learn to designate tasks to the right people. You may have a bad day, but it is no excuse to blow it out on your wife or children. Don’t let those problems strain your relationships. Allow yourself Set some boundaries. Give yourself time to breathe when you are at home. Your home is a sanctuary where you can relax, regenerate, and heal.

Schedule your tasks

If you don’t make use of a planner nowadays, there are apps that can help you remind the tasks that you need to do. Never rely on just being able to “remember” everything because, with so many things to do every day, it is possible that you might miss some important matters to attend to.

Don’t let others drag you down

There will always be people who will try to pull you down. Don’t let them dampen your spirits. These people are threatened because they know that you can make a difference.

Accept that things will not always go as planned

You may feel disappointed, unhappy, enraged but you must accept that you cannot always fix everything. Find ways on how you can turn things to your favor.

Meditate and pray

I believe in the power of prayer. When I feel burdened, I pause and say a little prayer. There is always a small voice that tells me that everything will be okay. It may not be now, but eventually, whatever bad feeling I am experiencing will be replaced with hope and happiness.

Success is not always about money. You need to devote some quiet time so you can see things through and develop strategic plans that will be beneficial for your business.

I am dedicating this article to the new entrepreneurs. May they find inspiration and strength so that they can deliver better products and services to all of us.

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