Pasig orders temporary closure of Landers supermarket


Posted at Jul 22 2020 10:15 AM

MANILA - Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto said Tuesday a large supermarket chain would be temporarily closed/suspended for failure to practice physical distancing measures against COVID-19. 

Landers Superstore in Barangay Ugong Pasig will be temporarily closed following 3 consecutive days of inspection where shoppers were seen in the grocery aisles without practicing physical distancing, Sotto said in a Facebook post.

Physical distancing is advised to protect individuals against COVID-19.

“Landers Ugong is TEMPORARILY CLOSED/SUSPENDED for failure to properly implement minimum health safety standards (specifically social distancing),” Sotto said.

“Usually when we suspend businesses for this reason, we don't announce the name. We don't want them to have bad publicity; we just want their customers to be safe. But this is a big business, so you will probably hear about it anyway,” he added.

The restaurant, barbershop, plant shop, pharmacy and parking lot will remain open for business, the Mayor said. 

Landers has expressed its intent to make the necessary adjustments, Sotto said.