Business Mentor: Is Branding That Important To An Entrepreneur?

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jul 22 2017 02:49 PM

Business Mentor: Is Branding That Important To An Entrepreneur? 1

A lot of businesses are so focused on their products and services that they sometimes forget about the company’s brand image. 

But an effective visual representation of a company is important for it to succeed.

A lot of entrepreneurs overlook the power of a strong brand image and only realize its importance when problems come in. 

Brand image is more than just the company logo. It is the soul of the business, which leaves a mark in the minds of consumers. 

Besides having a great brand image, businesses should also consider developing their own apps. As the world becomes more and more digital, apps ensure that companies can reach an even a wider audience in an instant.


Some companies consider brand image as an additional expense that is unnecessary. However, without a strong brand image, a business may not even survive its first year. 

Keep in mind that a brand image goes beyond what a company can offer. In simplest terms, a company’s brand image is how the consumers perceive the company as a whole.

Brand image should distinguish your business from other companies and make you stand out. It should also make your company instantly recognizable.
Brand image should also create an impression. The design of the website, the cleanliness of a store, the design of the business cards and how a company’s employees treat customers—all of these are part of brand image. It is vital for a company that consumers take its brand seriously.

Business Mentor: Is Branding That Important To An Entrepreneur? 2

4 Core Elements In Creating A Company’s Brand Identity

• Meaning
Your logo, which is the visual representation of your business, should clearly express your company’s mission, culture, history, values, goals, and personality.

• Distinction
Your company's brand identity should make you distinct other companies.

• Consistency
Your company should be consistent with the font, colors, and imagery that represents your business. Proper branding means having a consistency which builds trust and creates loyal customers. 

• Resilience and Versatility
You sometimes need to evolve the design to appeal to the current generation of consumers. But your identity should remain intact. Popular brands such as Coca-Cola evolved their logo designs. You can clearly tell the difference of today’s design from the original design. But despite these changes, the company’s identity remains distinct. 


Besides brand image, an entrepreneur should also consider giving his/her business a mobile presence via apps. 

Studies show that consumers are spending more time using their smartphones over other media. People typically spend about 3 hours and 15 minutes a day using their mobile devices. About 15 percent of mobile phone users purchase online using their smartphones. 

Companies that can come up with savvy, mobile-friendly websites that focus on bringing greater user experience and better engagement will have an edge over their competitors. This should be part of the brand design of any company. 

Your mobile app should allow your business to:

• communicate with consumers to enhance brand awareness
• manage company interactions with current customers and future customers
• increase sales
• let users to generate new ideas for better products and services by engaging with other users and rating a particular product
• do market research

Your company’s brand image should evolve within the current trends. 


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