Analytics firm Olelo helps brands optimize social media


Posted at Jul 18 2018 03:08 PM

MANILA - Analytics company Olelo said it tapped big data, marketing and behavioral psychology to help brands optimize social media as users have shown signs of aversion to sponsored ads.

Using its proprietary technologies, Olelo turns helps brands understand their audience's behaviors, needs and values, it said in a statement.

"Olelo allows anyone to view an in-depth analysis of their social media presence, and compare it to an analysis of their audience," it said. 

It offers a free suite for personal brands and small companies, which includes self-behavioral insights and real-time listening frequency for up to 1,000 business mentions for a single social media page. It consolidates data for up to 3 months and turns it into a single report. 

Medium and large businesses can avail of the "plus" package at $99.00 a month that provides sentiment analysis, real-time comment replies, behavioral analysis for competitors and consumer interests, Olelo said.

A pro option accommodates 10 users and up to 500,000 mentions while the premium can handle up to 1 million mentions across 8 social media pages.

Olelo launched their Software as a Service (SaaS) package at the recently concluded RISE HK, a tech event for startups, last July 10.