PH corruption decreased 'a little' in last 2 years - survey

by Kathleen A. Martin,

Posted at Jul 09 2013 03:24 PM | Updated as of Jul 10 2013 04:41 PM

MANILA, Philippines -- Over a third of Filipinos perceive corruption in the country "decreased a little" over the last two years, based on a survey by Transparency International. This as nearly 70% of the respondents tagged the police as the most dishonest institution.

Based on the  "Global Corruption Barometer",  35% of Filipino respondents have said corruption in the country went down "a little" in the past two years, while 31% argued the level of dishonesty "stayed the same".

But when asked how much of a problem corruption is in the public sector, majority or 64% said it is a "serious problem", while 19% just said it is "a problem".

Despite the push for "Tuwid na Daan", efforts in fighting corruption in the last two years were seen as "neither effective nor ineffective" by 31%, although some 31% claimed they had an impact in curbing dishonest practices in the system.

With regard to the most corrupt institutions according to perception, the police topped the list at 69%, followed by public officials and civil servants (64%), political parties (58%), the judiciary (56%), and parliament and legislature (52%).

The military was perceived as corrupt by 43% of the respondents, followed by education systems (32%), medical and health services (31%), the business sector (30%), non-governmental organizations (25%), religious bodies (15%), and the media (14%).

In the last year, 19% of the respondents said they paid a bribe to the police, 14% said they did the same for registry and permit services, another 11% claimed they did so for land services.

Bribing was also experienced when dealing with the judiciary (10%), tax revenue (7%), education services (6%), utilities (5%), and medical and health services (4%).

The survey covered 1,000 Filipinos across the country between September 2012 and March 2013.

This was part of Transparency International's "Global Corruption Barometer", with 114,000 people responding in 107 countries in the survey of opinions on corruption and which institutions are considered most corrupt.