Getting To Know The Marketing Guru

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jun 29 2019 09:13 AM

Getting To Know The Marketing Guru 1

Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs today are lucky to have people they can go to whenever they need guidance in handling their business.

Learning from them not only helps one manage business properly, but more so, the life lessons they give serve as inspiration.

The first entrepreneur that I would like to highlight on Business Mentor in this series: Inspiring Mentors of Go Negosyo is Mr. Josiah Go.

He is one of the most respected marketing gurus in the Philippines. Go is the chairman of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc, the leading marketing and sales training company in the Philippines.

He is also the CEO and president of Waters Philippines, the president and CEO of PT Noah Health Indonesia, and also holds other positions on several companies.

Among his remarkable achievements are:

  • 1994 Agora Award
  • 2001 Ten Outstanding Young Man (TOYM) Award
  • 2002 Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World Award

He is also an author of various bestselling marketing books which have served as a marketing bible to entrepreneurs. Unknown to many, the proceeds of his book go to the less fortunate through the Josiah and Carolina Go Foundation.

Mr. Josiah Go’s new book, The Mavericks: How 35 Marketing Rockstars Think, Strategize and Execute was launched recently.

Mr. Josiah Go is a very down-to-earth man despite his success. Here are a few of the notable responses from the expert.

Business Mentor: Who/What influenced you to start your business?

Josiah Go: I launched Waters Philippines, and Mansmith and Fielders Inc decades ago, both are pioneers in their category. I like to enter when the industry has a high underserved market, ala Market-Driving Strategy.

Business Mentor: What were your greatest failures?

Josiah Go: Not failures but lessons learned - business side, I discovered some of my assumptions were not valid when I entered the Jakarta market, the lesson there is to avoid sunk cost mentality.

Personal side, I was an absentee father to my twin sons in my first decade as a parent. Good thing Chiqui did so well.

Business Mentor: What keeps you going when things get tough?

Josiah Go: I go back to my purpose. For Waters, it’s to build dreams and change the lives of struggling Filipino breadwinners. For Mansmith and Fielders Inc, it’s to help marketing and sales teams soar!

Business Mentor: How has being an entrepreneur affected your personal life?

Josiah Go: It has given me not just financial and personal freedom but the ability to help others as well.

Business Mentor: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Josiah Go: Strengths - I am both analytical (breaking things down to parts) and conceptual (seeing commonalities among different parts). I keep going from core (marketing) to adjacencies (sales, innovation, entrepreneurship, etc.)

Weaknesses - impatience, brutally candid at times.

Business Mentor: What do you think are the three top skills that an entrepreneur should possess?

Josiah Go: They need 4 - Preparation, Marketing, Execution, and Self-Leadership. Chiqui Escareal-Go and I wrote about it in Entrepreneurship: Starting an Enterprise. Having an Innovation Mindset.

Business Mentor: What lessons have you learned through your entrepreneurial journey?

Josiah Go: Dome lessons:

  • Grit is indispensable.
  • Finding the right people and partners can make or break you.
  • Passion is important but unmet needs should be the basis of a business.

Business Mentor: What was your most satisfying moment?

Josiah Go:  Personal side - When I see my children grow up to be alright, putting up with my presence and absence alike.

Business side - When I am able to do something new successfully - launch a new category, introduce a new crusade, create a new record, etc.

Business Mentor: What is your next step?

Josiah Go:  Planning to retire in 3 years but spend more time mentoring young people.

If there is truly one thing that sets Mr. Josiah Go apart from the rest, it is his unique ability to easily encourage people to see the bigger picture and not miss an opportunity. Life is not easy, however, when we are guided by people like Mr. Josiah Go, we can be sure that life will get better in time.


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