Why are Pinoys shopping more frequently?


Posted at Jun 27 2013 04:47 PM | Updated as of Jun 29 2013 12:15 AM

MANILA -- More and more Filipinos are now shopping with "smaller baskets" but more frequently versus buying in bulk, marketing research firm Nielsen said.

Nielsen's Shopper Trends Report found Filipino shoppers make seven shopping trips a month last year, up from the frequency of three times per month recorded in 2011. However, buying in bulk was down two times a month, down from three times seen previously.

The company said in a statement the close proximity of supermarkets to residential areas has helped influence Filipinos' shopping behavior, as the shoppers said they prefer stores which can be reached via jeepney, tricycle or by foot.

"The preference to these smaller but frequent shopping trips is brought about by the close proximity of the supermarkets to the homes. We are seeing a move from buying additional essential items from the neighborhood sari-sari store to shopping in the supermarket, which is now also in the neighborhood," Stuart Jamieson, managing director of Nielsen Philippines, said in the statement.

"The dramatic increase in the frequency of grocery shopping in supermarkets presents more opportunities for manufacturers and retailers to interact with shoppers. They should implement strategic store promotions and offers to generate more sales," he continued.

The report showed that despite grocery shopping being a planned activity and Filipinos bringing shopping lists, the nine out of 10 shoppers said they usually buy more than what they ought to.

Filipinos have also increased their spending on food, grocery and personal care items by 8% in 2012.

"The perception of shoppers that prices have stabilized plus factors such as introduction of new products or brands and promotions made sticking to the shopping list a challenge," Jamieson noted.