NAIA 'safe' from lightning, management assures public


Posted at Jun 25 2019 09:51 AM

MANILA – The Ninoy Aquino International Airport is safe from lightning strikes, its manager said Tuesday as afternoon thunderstorms heralded the arrival of the wet season.

The airport has 20 lightning arresters meant to protect electrical and telecommunication facilities from the damaging effect of lightning, the Manila International Airport Authority said in a statement. Lightning surge is captured through the arrested into the ground, which absorbs it. 

Airplanes have their own lightning protection, but movement on the ground are “discouraged” as the current may travel on the pavement, the MIAA said. 

The general manager of MIAA, Ed Monreal, appealed to the public for understanding when operations are put on hold during lightning alerts.

“While we are duty bound to keep flights safe, we are also duty bound to protect the lives of airport personnel while at work especially those working in areas where exposure to environmental hazards is greater,” said GM Monreal.

Operations at the NAIA were disrupted last Thursday, after aviation authorities issued a lightning alert.