Business Mentor: Keeping franchisees motivated

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jun 10 2023 08:32 AM

One of the biggest challenges for franchisors is keeping franchisees motivated and invested so they continuously represent the brand in the best possible light. Franchisees are independent business owners, and their success is your success. If they're occupied, engaged, and excited, so is the franchisor. Here are some tips to keep your franchisees involved, motivated, and always on the go.

1. Create a Transparent and Supportive Culture

Communication is key! Sharing best practices helps franchisees to stay on top of their game and learn from others' experiences. Ensure you develop an open and supportive culture where they feel heard and understood. Set up regular forums for franchisees to discuss issues and share successes. Provide appropriate responses, training, and support, celebrate their accomplishments, and make franchisees feel like a part of the team.

2. Don't Let The Excitement Fade Away

The first year of owning a franchise business is usually the most exciting because the experience is new. But maintaining that enthusiasm can be challenging, and the franchisor needs to ensure franchisees remain motivated. Keep them in the loop by sharing the company's latest news and be open to suggestions or ideas to improve. Use technology, and hold regular webinars, conference calls, and training sessions to ensure you remain relevant, upskill your franchisee team, and grow together.

3. Provide Marketing Support

Effective marketing is essential to any business; it informs future clients of your offering and generates demand. A franchisor can assist their franchisees with marketing strategies that work in their region and target the correct audience. Marketing needs standard brand guidelines, with room for the franchisee to make it their own to suit their region's needs and clients. Support the franchisee with marketing collateral and let them take the lead on some localized marketing activities.

4. Invest In Training

A lack of understanding or skills can leave the franchisee feeling frustrated and unmotivated. A franchisor must invest in their franchisee's training and personal development, from basic business finance to product knowledge, product promotions, and customer service. That way, the franchisee is equipped and confident in all aspects and can deliver exemplary service to clients.

5. Be Accessible

The most significant benefit of a franchise model is that the franchisor and franchisee are both invested in the business. That being said, the franchisor should always be available to help address concerns and support the franchisee through the ups and downs of business ownership. It is crucial to have open communication and provide easy access to the franchisor, their team, and any specialist division they may have, like an IT or legal department.

Maintaining franchisees' interests is crucial for any franchised business to continue and grow. It requires devising ways, such as providing effective communication, transparent and supportive culture, training, marketing support, and accessibility, to keep franchisees energetic. And, of course, Let's remember that recognition and branding make a vast difference. Reward franchisees for their hard work and efforts and keep them excited about the possible growth and impact they can create.

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