PLDT boosts international capacity with 'further investments' in subsea cables


Posted at May 31 2021 12:31 PM

MANILA - PLDT Inc said it would increase its international capacity 5 times by end of 2021 with the completion of the Jupiter cable system. 

if there would be no delays due to pandemic, the subsea system could be completed by the end of the year, increasing PLDT's international capacity close to 60 Terabits from the current 10 Tbps, the telco said in a statement.

The Jupiter submarine cable will employ at least 400 Gbps wavelength division multiplex transmission technology to connect landing points in Japan, Philippines, and the US, PLDT said.

PLDT Inc is focused on building its capacities to cater to workloads that require "hyperscale data centers," said PLDT Chief Revenue Officer and Smart Communications President and CEO Alfredo S. Panlilio.

“This further investment in subsea cables, along with the expansion of other physical infrastructures such as network towers and 5G sites, secures the future of our country in this increasingly digital world," Panlilio said.

"With the ecosystem that we are building - the localization of content, combined with the telco infrastructure of PLDT and the other telcos in our VITRO data center, we enable seamless end-user experience in leading-edge proportions,” he added. 

The cable system will strengthen PLDT's digital services including 5G-powered technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) and existing fixed and mobile services, it said.

PLDT said it also secured an additional 1 Tbps capacity on its Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) international cable to further boost connectivity links of the country to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. 

The telco has also invested in the new Asia Direct Cable System set to be completed by the end of 2022 and other international partnerships, it said.
PLDT said it currently has "extensive participation in 14 international submarine cable systems and one terrestrial system carrying data traffic in and out of the country. 

Bandwidth requirements in the Philippines have surged due to the increased demand from those working from home and students engaged in online learning.

Fiber home broadband provider Converge ICT earlier said it has also signed a deal with Keppel T&T for its participation in the Bifrost Cable System.


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