Business Mentor: Hiring the right employees for your business

Armando Bartolome

Posted at May 29 2021 04:41 PM

Business Mentor: Hiring the right employees for your business 1
Hopeful job seekers flock to the San Andres Gym for a job fair organized by the Department of Labor and Employment. ABS-CBN News/File

As you know, being an entrepreneur means having to wear different hats. However, building a business is not a one-man-band. Unless you prefer to just stick to a small business that would not require anyone else, then just driving the business alone would be fine. However, for those businesses which may require more than one person to operate, you, as the boss, should be able to find the right people who can help you make your dreams come true.

Starting a business would require you to have enough financial resources. You need to pay for the office/shop space, permits, furniture, appliances, products to sell, and of course employees to work for you. If I ask you, what would be your primary criteria in hiring? Here are the most common qualifications:

  • age
  • attention to detail
  • college degree
  • commitment to diversity 
  • dependability 
  • excellent communication skills
  • license (for higher positions)
  • positive attitude
  • experience 

Hiring Qualifications Explained

The Anti-age Discrimination Law was created to promote equal opportunities in employment for everyone. However, for some other valid reasons, it also sets exceptions or situations when it shall be lawful for an employer to set age limitations in employment. We all have been used to seeing employees aged from 18 to 60 years old. Nevertheless, it is unlikely for companies to hire those who are 35 years and above. Why? Is it because some employers may feel that these individuals are likely too slow to learn new processes, or can be a bit hard-headed to be taught most especially if they are younger than their employees? 

With this, I do think that there are certain job roles that can be a perfect fit for everyone. And to base your decision entirely because of age is something that you should reconsider.

Hiring people for your marketing department is tremendously important because they are the ones who can make or break your business. What does this mean? They should be able to carefully dissect each product that has to be introduced to the market – it is something that people need? Will it stand out? Is the price competitive enough? Also, they need to know how to make the business stick out among the competition. These people should have a keen sense to detail.

More than having the diploma, I do agree that it is important to look at the person per se: Is he capable of performing the job? Can he work without much supervision? Is he a team player? Although having a college degree is a plus, knowing the person can show what he can contribute to the business is highly significant. 

When the pandemic started, so many employees were relieved from their jobs. And those who were retained were asked to do more work than they used to. This means that an individual should be able to adjust to the kind of job he is asked to do. Sounds like multi-tasking, right? In some way, yes. However, I see it as a great opportunity to hone the skills of outstanding employees. Most of these employees would somehow be promoted. And that is anyone’s goal. Therefore, choosing employees who show exemplary performance only means that his heart is truly in his work and sees work not just as a means of earning for the family, but has ignited his passion towards becoming an extremely competent employee.

Being a salesman or saleswoman is more than standing in the shop the whole day and waiting for a customer to finally make a purchase. They also need to have excellent communication skills so that they can promote the products they are selling and, at the same time, educate their customers. For example, a salesperson working at a drug store should be able to answer questions when asked by their customers. A customer can easily decide on whether to buy an item or not depending on how the product was described to him/her.

I have seen employees who don’t even smile or you’d think that they have just come from a wake – NO SMILES at all! And it could be frustrating to see these when you intend to buy something from the store. The attitude of a person working for a specific business is extremely important because what they show to others is a reflection of the company. Therefore, hire a person with a positive perspective in life.

There are employers who choose to hire only those who are beautiful or handsome because it is a good come-on for the business. However, this may not be always true unless you are into a modeling or ad agency. It is still best to know the skills and talents of the individual and to check if it matches your requirement for a specific job.

Hiring an experienced or inexperienced employee can also be a bit daunting. To help you make a wise decision, consider looking at all the responsibilities that a specific job post requires. If it is something that even a high school graduate can perform, then hiring an inexperienced individual would be of help. Additionally, more than the inexperienced employee’s help to your business, you actually became his way for him to have an experience in working. Let’s be realistic here. Starting from the very bottom allows one to be more appreciative about life and people because one is able to see various situations which allows him to learn more and pushes himself to become better. 

Some business owners choose to hire family members when starting the business because it can save them money and probably it is their intention to run a family business. However, we also know that there can be squabbles between family members, thus hiring others can be a wiser decision. But, also be careful about who to hire. Screen each applicant thoroughly to know if they can be the person you can rely on.


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