Business Mentor: Seeking a productive solitude

Armando Bartolome

Posted at May 21 2022 08:55 AM

Many new business owners feel happy after being freed from their 9-5 jobs. But some, some whose business did not fare as well can be overcome with loneliness. 

One of the problems that peaked during the pandemic was loneliness. All of us have gone through this in the last two years. However, with entrepreneurs, the impact was more complex. The inability to "unwind" when all stressed out made many unhappy. 

The isolation and disruptions of social connections made many feel abandoned. The same goes with entrepreneurs, as they are often left to make decisions, weigh strategies, and determine their companies' direction, leaving them alone.

There seems to be no other way out but to carry the burden and to pray hard that you can get through all these. You can trust nobody to make decisions other than the CEO himself. Loneliness can be harmful or destructive, affecting one - mentally and physically. 

But, a wise entrepreneur can easily work through this negative feeling and reassess or re-evaluate the situation. Instead of letting the negative emotion get into you, let solitude shift your mind from struggling to appreciating. When you move your thoughts into a state of gratitude, decision-making gets easier. Focusing your mind on the positive creates an atmosphere of peace and confidence.

It's All In The Mind

Assess the situation. Determine the time when solitude is needed instead of just trying to manage your loneliness. When we talk about chosen isolation, these are the times when we need absolute peace when studying, reading, drafting strategies, etc. These are instances wherein we need to concentrate and need time to think. When you can identify these, it is easier for you to have control of the kind of necessary solitude.

Moreover, never look at solitude as a form of punishment but as an opportunity to have the time to focus on what you need to do, particularly when you need to make crucial decisions for the company. Use this time for the company's betterment. 

Turning Solitude Into A Positive Attitude

Never feel lonely again by effectively making conscious and gratitude-guided choices. Here are some tips:

Don't make it a habit to sulk in a corner and feel sorry about yourself and not being able to even lift a finger because of handling too lonely. Instead, find a spot that can help you calm down. You can either walk in the park, have some "me" time at a café, or even be home. Create a room or spot for meditation at home. It would surely help you feel more relaxed.

Talking to yourself has the following benefits:
o    It helps consolidate memory.
o    It helps us organize our thoughts.
o    It helps modulate our emotions.
o    It allows us to plan actions easily. 

Auditory commands seem to control our behavior better than just writing our thoughts. It is healthy and helpful. Hence, don't be afraid to talk out loud to yourself. 

Technology, although helpful, can also be a disadvantage at specific points. Get unplugged for some time. It can be tiring to be in the virtual world. You also need some time off from all the noise and drama you read on the internet. Give yourself time to enjoy the space you created.
You can always call a friend to cheer you up. You don't need to be alone when you feel loneliness creeping up on you. Just having a friend around can significantly improve your understanding of yourself.

As a leader, you need to find ways to strengthen yourself and be able to do what you need to do. Don't stay under a dark cloud and feel lonely. You should see solitude as a reasonable time to enrich and recharge yourself to become more productive, be a better entrepreneur and drive your business to success.
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