LIST: Jobstreet shares tips on creating 'winning' resumes


Posted at May 12 2023 10:02 AM

MANILA — Jobstreet Philippines said the key to getting closer to a dream job is the ability to create a "winning" resume. 

According to a study by Jobstreet by SEEK, an HR person takes on 30 seconds to browse each resume while 70 percent of these do not reach the hiring managers.

Jobstreet shared the following tips on crafting a strong resume:

Treat resume as a storytelling document

- A resume is unique since it depends on personal experiences and background which can be used as advantages, Jobstreet said. Focus on what makes one's background unique.

Tailor your resume to the job

Jobstreet said it's always substance over form. A hiring manager is looking for people who can add value to the company, which is why it is crucial to do research and customize one's resume and cover letter accordingly.

Applicants must highlight experience and skills relevant to the position they're applying for.

Keep resume professional

Professionalism is a "big factor" for hiring managers and is a basic requirement, Jobstreet said. Use formal photographs, professional email addresses as well as correct grammar and spelling. A neat font also makes a resume appealing to recruiters.

“Just like creating a winning resume, this is just the beginning towards success. We have lined up a series of events for the rest of the year to fulfill our team’s mission which is to provide support and jobs to every Filipino," said Kim Viray, JobStreet Philippines Head of Marketing.

“We will ensure that there will be less friction when it comes to your overall job search process in the JobStreet platform,” he added.

Jobstreet said graduating students must take advantage of these tips to get an edge in their next move.