ABS-CBN seeks copyright infringement damages in Canada


Posted at May 09 2018 03:14 PM

MANILA - ABS-CBN said Wednesday it sought 5 million Canadian dollars (P200 million) in damages from an Ontario based retailer for alleged copyright infringement.

The Philippines largest media and entertainment network served a claim notice on Dazcon Inc, after it was tipped off on the alleged illegal showing of its movie and TV properties on set-top boxes.

"We are very thankful that concerned ABS-CBN customers notified us of Dazcon’s illicit activities that we were able to confirm," said ABS-CBN’s AVP & head of global anti-piracy Elisha Lawrence.

"We will continue to protect customers by shutting these operations down," she said.

Dazcon Inc. is located in a popular shopping area in Kennedy Square Mall at 50 Kennedy Road South, Unit 60D, Brampton, Ontario.

ABS-CBN Canada country manager Raymund Abog commended consumers who reported the illegal illegal activities, adding "their action will help prevent content pirates from profiting illegally on unsuspecting consumers."

Lawrence appealed consumers to report to authorities illegal use of ABS-CBN shows.

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