7 Timeless Gifts for Mother’s Day


Posted at May 08 2017 02:20 PM | Updated as of May 08 2017 08:05 PM

We’re celebrating Mother’s day this coming Sunday—the perfect time to convey our love and affection for that person who has selflessly offered her life to see us through our own. From the time we first opened our eyes up to now, our mothers have always been there for us, and this is a great opportunity to say “thanks and we love you, mom!”

Cakes, flowers and chocolates are sweet tokens that our mothers would definitely love, but for a change, why not show how much we care for her well-being by giving her a valuable gift that would enhance her life physically, emotionally, as well as financially? Why not give your mom a gift that will last or better yet, that will appreciate in value?

Here are seven ideas of timeless Mother’s Day gifts that every mother will surely appreciate.
1. Jewelry. Gemstones and precious metals such as gold and silver will not only serve as accessories for a fashion-conscious mom, they are also bound to appreciate in value. The price of gold, for instance, has grown four fold over the past 15 years. Diamonds and gemstone prices also do not fall over time. Find your mother something that she particularly likes – possibly a necklace, a bracelet, a brooch, or a ring. To make sure that you get a good one, consult a trusted jeweler. If you are getting a gemstone, ask an appraiser for his opinion on your choice as well.

2. Artwork. There’s a gold mine in the arts, especially if you stumble upon the works of a promising artist. Find a piece that your mom would enjoy, and balance this with its appreciation potential. You may have to do some research on this, so that you can be directed to pieces that have the most value. Don’t limit yourself to paintings – your mom might also love sculptures or other handcrafted pieces. Who knows, that P1,000 sketch from that promising artist might turn out to be worth a hundred times more in just a few years.

3. Health check-up. Health is wealth, and your mother would definitely benefit from a health check. Executive check-ups being offered by top hospitals provide very comfortable and pleasant stays in well-appointed suites that your mom would welcome. Some would go for as low as P10,000, all the way to P40,000, depending on your choice of tests. For a night or two, your mom could enjoy hotel-like services, although in a hospital setting. This gift ensures her well-being, and gives all of you peace of mind.

4. Medical insurance. With her advancing age, health concerns are bound to increase for your mother. To manage uncertainty, why not get her medical insurance? The prices for these vary, depending on your coverage, but the good news is that there are now providers who cover seniors up to 75 years old. There are also prepaid cards for consultations, selling for about P5,000 a month. Not only will this give your mom a sense of assurance that her needs are covered, it will also be of great financial help to your family in the event that she falls ill.

5. Start for a small business. Is your mom entrepreneurial and looking for ways to be productive? Listen to her ideas and give her some capital for a small business that she has always wanted to do. It doesn’t have to be fancy – it could be some capital for the cookie business that she has always wanted to do, or the lunch delivery business that she has always toyed with. A seed fund of P3,000, for instance, can more than cover the cost of ingredients for a dish that she has always wanted to market to friends. Your mother will appreciate your belief in her efforts and your help in achieving her entrepreneurial dreams. At the same time, you’re also giving her the opportunity to earn.

6. Stocks or bonds. Has your mother prepared her nest egg? Whether or not she has, a financial gift will always be appreciated. Instead of giving straight cash, think of giving her stocks or bonds, which can appreciate in value. To make it easier for her, you can even get mutual funds or UITFs, which frees her from the hassles of managing her money. Long term investments will help her secure her financial future, especially as she approaches her senior years. You can open her a mutual fund or UITF for as low as P5,000.

7. Home repairs. Has your mom long been complaining about the leaking pipes in the laundry area or those windows that won’t close well? Why not invest in a few home repairs for your mom’s house as your mother’s day gift? These repairs could potentially help her avoid more costly repairs or possible damage, which could cost a lot of money and lessen her daily stress in dealing with the upkeep of her home.You’ll also add to her peace of mind by footing the bill for these repairs.

This Mother’s Day, remember that there are other options for you to show your mother that you care, that would probably cost the same as dinner in a fancy restaurant or a gift of imported exotic flowers and chocolates. A mother’s love is timeless. Shouldn’t your gift to her be timeless too?


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