The ANC Brief: The problems of Cebu Pacific


Posted at May 02 2019 04:47 AM

More revelations on the problems plaguing Cebu Pacific. Here are the stories ANC will be covering today:

Unfriendly skies
Sources have told ABS-CBN News that manpower problems are the cause of the cancellation of Cebu Pacific flights. These issues include flight crew transferring to higher-paying airlines, a high number of employees going on leaves, and overworked flight crew. These issues have been denied by Cebu Pacific management. Officials of Cebu Pacific have been summoned before the Civil Aeronautics Board to a hearing today to give their side on the issues. ANC will bring you updates on the hearing. 

Out of Libya
The Department of Foreign Affairs has raised the alert level in Tripoli to 4 which means evacuation is mandatory. But some Filipinos refuse to come home. Foreign Affairs Sec. Teddy Locsin Jr. said they cannot compel workers to come home.

Looking up
The Philippines got a ratings upgrade from Standard and Poor’s to +BBB. This could perk up the stock market. Where will it go? Can it scale the 8000 level? Asean+3 Marcoeconomic Office chief economist Hoe Ee Khor said the rating upgrade is a “vote of confidence” for the Philippines. The ABS-CBN News Channel will also continue to monitor the Asian Development Bank meeting in Fiji. 

Power up
There will be a hearing by joint congressional power commission on power outages and preps for elections. Some consumer groups are calling on government to prevent higher power costs as a result of thinner power supply from being passed on to consumers.

Hot dish
Filipino chefs and food historians have reclaimed the quintessential adobo as indigenous and pre-Hispanic, rather than a Spanish import. Now, its origin and its pre-colonial name are the subject of heated discussions.