Business Mentor: Ways to minimize stress in business

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Apr 29 2023 08:00 AM

It can be exciting to start a business, especially when you know the products and/or services you offer can meet the market's needs. Some might spend sleepless nights ensuring everything goes smoothly–from producing goods to searching for clients and customers. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that everything you worked hard for is coming to fruition. However, it can also affect your health, and then affect how the business runs.

It is wise to hire the right people to manage specific tasks in the business. This does not mean you care less, but realize you also have a life outside your company. It is essential to keep a sound mind and a healthy body because in doing this, you achieve your ultimate goal – HAPPINESS.
When you work hard to succeed, the stress you feel also rises. But you don't need to burden yourself with stress. 

Instead of worrying about the problems, focus on the bright side. We sometimes tend to wallow in our thoughts on the negative aspects of life, forgetting that great things happen daily. To help you reduce your stress, make it a habit to write down all the good things that come your way. Prevent yourself from overthinking so you can enjoy life TODAY.

There may be days that you are overwhelmed with so many things to do. To keep you on your toes, learn to categorize the gravity of each task and prioritize what needs immediate action or solution. It pays to list all the tasks you need to accomplish so you can determine how you can manage your day.
Create order within your environment. Being in a messy workplace blocks creative juices from flowing. Tidy up your space to have a breathing space to allow your mind to think well. As you take charge of the environment, your sense of control increases, enabling you to think through clearly. A clean space allows you to imbibe positive energy, affecting not just your well-being but also how others communicate with you.

When you feel stressed, don't blame others or shout at anyone crossing your way. Instead, take a deep breath, and as you exhale, imagine that all your problems and stresses go with it. Do this 3-5 times, and you will feel much better. Learn to calm yourself when you are overwhelmed. It is best to understand that you can't control everything. However, you can create solutions that could solve problems. The right solutions may take time, but you don't need to be overburdened. Call someone who can help you figure it out.
Make yourself happy. The simplest way to make yourself comfortable is by extending help to others. It's a different feeling when you know that you matter in other people's lives because you made a difference. It's always heartwarming to see smiling faces, knowing you can help them in your small way. Just have a moment and realize that not thinking so much about what stresses you can bring instant relief. Take time to think about others' situations which could be far worse than yours. Allow yourself to be their reason for hope, and the blessing of hope and peace and mind will fall upon you.

When some people are faced with difficulties in life, they tend to give up, and the feeling of helplessness creeps in. Entertaining such negative thoughts can affect a person's well-being, which results in mismanaged business or failed relationships. Instead of sulking in a corner and thinking of negative thoughts, accept that things happen for a reason and not everything that you want to happen will happen. When you know how to get what life has given you, thinking of ways to redirect your plans is easier. As you learn to accept, allow yourself some time to figure out how to pick up all the pieces and let go of every thought that keeps pulling you down.

The key to stepping out of the hole is to take action regardless of how many steps it would take. You have no control over everything. What you can do is understand the situation and think of a new way to get through it in little steps. Never force yourself to work like a horse when in the end, you will end up not just physically drained but mentally tortured as well. Learn to have a work-life balance, hire people to help you sort things out, and give time for yourself to breathe and enjoy God's creation.

The next time you are overwhelmed with so much, try one or two of the techniques I have shared with you. It will reduce your stress and increase your performance.


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