Business Mentor: Strengthening your personal brand

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Apr 24 2021 10:41 AM

Building up your brand is not as simple as creating a unique company name or choosing a color and a fancy logo. The design should be something that speaks about who you really are. It requires a knowledgeable team with clear-cut communication and design skills, and most importantly, an absolute understanding of your brand.

The brand identity is the overall look of your brand which includes the name, visual appearance, trademark, and communications. Nike has the “swoosh” logo, which means power, speed, motivation, and movement. 

Through your brand, you differentiate yourself from your competition and engage people. I am sure that you have your own favorite brands. Why do you like them? What qualities do those brands have compared to others?

Here are a few tips to make your brand stand out.

1. Identify your target market and address a problem. You need services or products to help them achieve their desires. When you have identified your target market, you must know their capacity to purchase your product. Is it within their budget?

2. Creatie value for the products that you offer by positioning your brand over your competitors. Let the consumers know what is unique about you and what more can they get from you compared to your competitor.

3. Make the consumers feel that they are being valued. If you do not welcome criticisms or are not open to suggestions, or if you reply in an unfriendly tone, it is likely that the customer will switch to another brand. Trust is crucial in business. It is essential that you make your customers feel that they are being heard and valued.

4. Customers are likely to respond positively to a brand with a purpose that they can relate to. Some brands donate a certain amount from their sales to a worthy cause such as feeding the homeless, providing a monthly allowance to students, or donating medications for the elderly. 

Through this, the brand engages its customers in something important. Customers become partners in strengthening their advocacy to help others in need.

Consistency is extremely important if you want customers to flock to your store. 

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