Now showing: Cartels, monopolies as big screen villains


Posted at Apr 19 2019 07:01 AM

MANILA -- Public service ads that seek to raise awareness on the Philippines' first ever competition law have begun showing in movie theaters alongside anti-piracy spots, as the antitrust watchdog sought consumer support.

The Philippine Competition Commission recently filed a case against a condominium developer based on a complaint from tenants who said they were limited to one internet service provider which is more expensive and slower than others.

"The success of any competition regime in any country is really the participation of the public," PCC Chairman Arsenio Balisacan told ABS-CBN News recently.

"When the public sees that there are cartels, they know where to go to find complaints, then it will be easier for us to proceed with the case," he said.

The PCC ad likened price-fixing to game fixing in basketball, wherein the game was settled with rival coaches winking at each other.

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