'Jollibee has best tasting chicken in Singapore'


Posted at Apr 13 2013 10:28 AM | Updated as of Apr 15 2013 05:37 PM

Chicken bucket. Photo from www.jollibee.com.ph
MANILA -- Jollibee's chickenjoy was found to be the best among several other brands in Singapore, a simple blind taste test conducted by Yahoo! Singapore showed.

The blind taste test involved a panel of six--Singaporeans, Malaysians, a Filipino and an Indonesian--who were asked to assess chicken dishes from Jollibee, KFC, Popeyes, Texas Chicken and 4Fingers.

Each fried chicken was presented without sauce or logos, and all were bought at the same time from the shops.

Jollibee's chickenjoy got three out of six votes, the highest given to any other fried chicken in the taste test. Jollibee's chicken was found to have the juiciest meat, and the skin was said to be thin and crispy.

The chickens from Texas Chicken, Popeyes, and 4Fingers all got a vote each, while KFC's dish got no vote.

Jollibee in March opened its first store in Singapore amid protests of racism as the shop allegedly only employ Filipinos.

As of end-February this year, Jollibee has 782 stores in the Philippines, 27 in the US, and 67 in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.