Sales of Philippine coconut products surge online in US: exporter


Posted at Apr 07 2021 11:40 AM

Sales of Philippine coconut products surge online in US: exporter 1
Fiesta Tropicale products as seen on Amazon. Screengrab

MANILA - Manufacturer and exporter Axelum Resources Corp said Wednesday the online sales of its premium coconut products in the United States were up 91 percent in 2020 due to its health-conscious market.

Axelum, which sells organic coconut products, is "vying for a bigger chunk of the American e-commerce segment," it said in a disclosure to the stock exchange. 

Its homegrown brand Fiesta Tropicale debuted in popular e-commerce site Amazon in 2018 "to capitalize on the evolution of non-traditional means" of connecting to consumers, it said.

Axelum said some of its products including organic coconut flakes have been consistently among the Top 20 Bestsellers in the coconut flakes category with over a thousand positive reviews.

“This undertaking involved years of product incubation including extensive market research to develop the most suitable offerings that meet the taste profile and nutritional values of a thriving health-conscious retail population in the United States,” said President and Chief Operating Officer of Axelum Resources
Corp Henry J. Raperoga.

“We are encouraged by the robust growth of our e-commerce business despite the limited resources initially deployed behind this venture. As we continue to realize its transformative impact, we are determined and committed to further harness the potential of this revenue stream,” he added.

Axelum eyes establishing a professional marketing team to lead its planned digital initiatives which include boosting online traffic and accessibility through social media.

The Fiesta Tropicale brand also offers coconut chips, coconut oil and coconut milk, among others.

The Philippines, a tropical country, is known for its coconut food items as well as other byproducts such as furniture and handicrafts.