10 reasons to say 'yes' to staycations


Posted at Apr 04 2016 06:33 PM

10 reasons to say 'yes' to staycations 1
Who says you have to go out of town to have fun this summer vacation? Staycations are getting more and more popular for several reasons--they don’t eat up so much of your time, you’re never too far away from home just in case you have domestic concerns, and best of all, they are far easier on the pocket.
10 reasons to say 'yes' to staycations 2
To celebrate summer, here are 10 ideas of where to go and what to do if you’re taking your summer break in the city, while staying within your budget.

1. "Wow" hotel deals for locals.

Hotels realize that there’s a growing market of staycationers, and many of them are offering affordably priced packages for local guests. Credit card companies team up with hotels as well so if you own one, check the offers. Surf their websites or social media accounts. Check out the coupon sites too where you’ll find an amazing selection of places to stay at.

2. Dine away.

We all love to eat, and restaurant visits could be a great highlight of your staycation. Scan the internet for what’s within a walking distance, plus great deals which are usually found in many of the coupon sites. Huge discounts of as much as pay-half-the-price are also offered sporadically by dining places to mark payday, and any other event worth celebrating.

3. Visit museums.

Soak in culture by visiting any of the many museums in the city, some of which you can even check out for free. Prepare to spend at least half a day to marvel at what our museums have to offer. This is a particularly great opportunity to introduce younger members of the family to historical and cultural facts, while also reacquainting yourself with these at the same time.

4. Go to parks.

Enjoy the outdoors by visiting a park, either in your neighborhood or some of the larger ones across Metro Manila. Check out universities as well or anywhere where you have a wide, open expanse. Pack a picnic basket and a mat that you can sit or lie on, so that you can have several hours of relaxation while enjoying nature and the outdoors.

5. Stay at a friend’s place.

Staycations do not always have to be in hotels. You can celebrate friendship by hanging out at a friend’s place--you can let your guard down, relax, and just bond without having to spend anything. If there are many of you, take turns in inviting each other to your place. This is a surefire way to have some great fun.

6. Go on a movie marathon.

Sometimes, you don’t have to leave your house at all for some real relaxation. If you have cable or Netflix, the movie channels offer a wide assortment of films that you can enjoy 24/7. If your movie of choice isn’t being shown, you can always buy yourself some DVDs and watch the hours away. Don’t forget the soda and chips, or whatever else you’d like to munch on while watching your favorites.

7. Rejuvenate at a spa.

Get thoroughly refreshed with a visit to a spa. Check out online sites and coupon sites to get some of the best deals on massages and other relaxation options. Another option is to call a massage therapist to your very own home to recreate the spa experience. You’ll find a list of service providers online.

8. Get a good book.

Nothing can be more relaxing than having a good book to keep you company during a staycation. You don’t have to purchase the newest bestsellers. You can just visit a second-hand bookstore where you can find a treasure trove of great reads. You can also borrow books from fellow bookworms. If you prefer to use an e-reader, you’ll be happy to note that e-books are far cheaper than printed ones.

9. Go on a spiritual retreat.

Don’t forget to nourish your spiritual side by going on a retreat. If you belong to a church, join a recollection or retreat, many of which are usually offered during the summer vacation. Select from one-day events to much longer ones, depending on your need. Many of these charge a modest fee, although a number are free.

10. Exercise.

Stay healthy by indulging in some exercise during your staycation. Go biking, run around the block, do some yoga stretches, go for a quick swim, go jogging, or do some calisthenics. This will cost you nothing, but its benefits will last you far beyond your staycation.


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