Netflix keeps 'high-privacy' standard amid surge in subscription rate

Cathy Yang, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Mar 29 2019 06:03 PM | Updated as of Apr 01 2019 12:11 PM

A photo of the Netflix Headquarters at the Marina One in Singapore. ABS-CBN News

SINGAPORE - Keeping high-privacy standard amid the surge in customer subscription is “very easy” for video streaming platform Netflix since it doesn’t mine, collect or sell users data, its co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings said Friday. 

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“Our business model is to have no advertising so we don’t collect data, we don’t sell it, we don’t mine it. We really just focus on single thing - which is serving our members,” Hastings said in an exclusive interview with Cathy Yang for ANC’s The Boss. 

“It’s very easy to be high-privacy and very protective because we don’t have advertising, we’re not involved,” he added. 


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Netflix also relies on users' feedback when sourcing and developing content. Revenue grows if the subscription rate does, he said. 

“We’re continuing to grow by pleasing our members. So we look at the viewing numbers to try to guide us, how do we produce content that people are just going to be raving about and that’s what we use the data for,” Hastings said. 

Netflix currently has over 139 million subscribers and 5,000 employees, globally, Hastings said. 

Freedom with responsibility

Freedom and responsibility, Hastings said, were the mantra at Netflix. Being great "in every dimension" is also a must for the platform, he said. 

“We try to build this culture around freedom and responsibility, inclusiveness so that people could understand how to serve our customers which cross many different ethnicities, many different incomes,” Hastings said. 

Netflix employees also enjoy untracked vacation days and year-long paid maternity leave benefits because people are also effective off duty, Hastings said. 

“In a creative workforce, you don’t really turn off when you leave the office. You’re often mulling around different challenges. In the negative case, it’s working around the clock, in the positive case it’s so joyful that you enjoy going to work just like it's part of your life,” he said.

Viewing rooms at Netflix' Singapore HQ convert to meeting rooms, strewn with bean bags, soft couches with throw pillows. ABS-CBN News

The Grabinets are a global fixture in Netflix offices. Grabinets include computer peripherals like mouse, chargers, USB cables, keyboards, AV connectors. Netflix believes staff will exercise self-discipline and take only what they want and need. ABS-CBN News

Conference rooms are named after popular Netflix shows.

Conference rooms are named after popular Netflix shows.

Conference rooms are named after popular Netflix shows.