5 most important things you should keep in your car


Posted at Mar 29 2015 08:56 AM | Updated as of Mar 30 2015 06:34 PM

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MANILA, Philippines - They say that a car can sometimes act as a home away from home to those who are often on the road. In a way, it can act in this manner.

Most men carry extra shirts and other clothing in their car just in case they need to make a quick change from business to casual, or for when the unthinkable happens and their current shirt gets ruined.

Ladies are the same, having a bag for quick changes and more comfortable shoes (or slippers) when driving long distances.

But have you ever considered what it is you may actually need in your car? Most kids who join the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts learn the motto “Laging Handa” – which, in that context, really means “Prepared for Anything”.

The truth of the matter is that you can never really be too prepared for the possibility of anything, but at least prepare in such way that you can save time and money just like getting comprehensive car insurance.

You can say that you’re ready for most eventualities, like coffee spilled on shirts, or workout clothes, or a bath kit for those nights when you’re stuck in one place for an indeterminable amount of time. It can be costly having to spend for extra things when you could always just have them in your car.

There are the standard items that are a no-brainer when you have a car: a tire changing kit, jumper cables. Given the connected state of people nowadays, running your device on low battery merits having a portable charger, or charging cables that slot into USB ports in your car.

You can be too careful when you have a car. To help you prepare yourself – and your car – for nearly most situations that may happen, here’s a handy little infographic on the most important things you should keep in your car.