Business Mentor: Entrepreneurial crossroads, finding the right path

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Mar 28 2020 10:41 AM

Entrepreneurship is never a straight and wide road, and sometimes, it does not lead you in the direction that you want to go.

This is the terrifying part of being an entrepreneur. But it is also what makes it an amazingly humbling and rewarding experience.

As the business grows, it also undergoes changes, along with the people involved in the business. There comes a time when its founders may no longer own the business and the next generation of owners need to see whether the company still represents the original vision.

Every founder and entrepreneur will reach this crossroad at some point in their career. Founders may not find it easy to step back and allow a new set of leaders to take over.

The process of building a business can teach an entrepreneur many great lessons. The people that work for a company are valuable resources because great ideas can come from them.

It is through them that a business provides great customer service and excellent marketing.

Entrepreneurs know that people’s ability to handle change and evolve is essential to make the business a success.

When Doubt Sets In

An entrepreneur who faces a lot of challenges and struggles with his business may think of giving up or moving on. Meeting proverbial crossroads due to changes within the organization and difference in vision may lead one to find another organization to belong to.

In reality, the difference in opinions and visions are unavoidable and should be taken in a positive perspective.

As time goes by, an entrepreneur may ask himself, “Am I worthy to be called an entrepreneur?”. Being doubtful of one’s abilities and skills can ruin how an entrepreneur manages his business.

To continue questioning one’s capabilities will be of no help at all. Would you really just give up that easily knowing there are so many opportunities out there and a lot of people aspiring to be in your shoes?

An entrepreneur should be
•    goal-orientated
•    have interpersonal skills
•    have leadership skills
•    have personal accountability
•    be persuasive

To become an effective entrepreneur, one must have the capacity for effectual reasoning. This means that the entrepreneur must have the ability to work with any given set of means and allow goals to naturally occur, as opposed to working towards a defined goal with a set strategy.

Now, not all entrepreneurs may agree to this, but, if an entrepreneur makes wise decisions, it is likely that the outcome would always be positive.

Some take the entrepreneurial road simply because they want to earn more. However, they fail to realize that being an entrepreneur is not a job, but a lifestyle. Once you take that road, it should be like the air that you breathe. Your full commitment is expected and your passion should never die down.

To overcome this crossroad, an individual should realize if he possesses all the qualities that an entrepreneur should have.

An entrepreneur may also ask himself if he has the time to truly commit to the business. Being an entrepreneur does not free one from a 5 or 6-day 8-hour job. In fact, building your own business entails a lot of your time, and sometimes, including important occasions wherein you are usually with your family.

If you are just starting a business, you may have the option of making it full time or making it a side hustle.

One of the advantages of being able to work full time on your startup is that one can more focus on building the business. Putting in more hours into the business means that one is able to stay ahead of the curve.

Similarly, investors would see it as a sign of confidence that you truly believe in your business if you are to work on a full-time basis.

If you want seasoned investors to take notice of you, you must possess the qualities of an entrepreneur, including showing them your.

When you choose to be full-time in your business, this gives you a sense of being able to hone your skills and at the same time, you feel less likely to burn out because you don’t see the business as a hobby, but a full commitment. Thus, this can give you a much higher chance of success.

If you choose to have a business as a side hustle, be prepared for the extra hours that you need to have in building the business. In the long run, it might even use the time that you need to work on your day job and even your much-awaited vacation.

But, what is really important, whether you choose to have a full-time or part-time business, is to sustain a healthy work-life balance. You can never be effective with what you do if you fall short in giving yourself a break once in a while.

Another crossroad that any entrepreneur may come across is being afraid of letting people know that he has started a business. Personally, I have also dealt with the same struggles in the past. The fear of failing is inevitable, especially when you know that there are others who are already successful.

The fear of how friends and relatives would react if the business does not become successful can also strain an entrepreneur’s mind. It is difficult trying to live up to the expectations of others, that is why some startup entrepreneurs choose to keep silent until the business truly takes off.

But when you think about all these, an entrepreneur should also develop a “thick” skin. Because in business, you will often hear negative comments and get mocked by others. But what is more important is that you believe in yourself and in the things that you do.

There is always a right time for everything. While you are still climbing your way to the entrepreneurial ladder, keep an open mind that the journey is worth the time.

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