Pandemic tech: LG launches electronic wearable air purifier in PH


Posted at Mar 25 2021 02:55 PM

Pandemic tech: LG launches electronic wearable air purifier in PH 1
LG's wearable air purifier. Handout photo

MANILA - LG finally launched its portable air purifier in the Philippines on Thursday months after officially unveiling it in the international market in August last year.

The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier is worn like a mask and uses a pair of replaceable filters similar to those in LG’s range of air purifiers for the home. 

“It offers thorough purification with its HEPA filter,” said Jave Enriquez, LG product manager. 

LG said the device’s two H13 hepa-grade filters are also used in hospitals and can filter up 99 percent of harmful particles, including bacteria and viruses. 

Enriquez said the device is backed by Korean institute of Public Safety for removing viruses and bacteria, and certified by the Korean Asthma and Allergy Foundation for the effective removal of allergens. 

Unlike standard masks, the PuriCare device features battery-powered fans to help users breathe. LG said it also has sensors to detect when the user is breathing in or out, and adjusts the fans’ speeds accordingly.

While doctors have warned against the use of masks with holes or valves, LG said PuriCare is safe to use amid the pandemic despite using valves. 

LG said exhaled air first passes through the inner cover before it is released through the valves at the chin part.

PuriCare's inner cover shares the same material with disposable masks, therefore - it can prevent around 93 percent of droplets with a particle size of 1~3 micrometers (μm), LG said. The normal size of droplets is about 5μm. 

The device is charged by a USB-C port, with a 2-hour full charge enough for up to 8 hours of use, LG said. 

LG said the device will retail for P8,699, but will initially have a promo price of P7,829.