How free Facebook helped boost Globe Telecom

by Jon Carlos Rodriguez,

Posted at Mar 18 2015 05:09 PM | Updated as of Mar 19 2015 01:09 AM

MANILA – How effective was the free Facebook campaign launched by Globe Telecom in enhancing internet adoption in the country?

Globe said it was able to generate a data customer growth of 110 percent over the two free Facebook campaigns.

Free Facebook was introduced in October 2013 for the first phase and again in October 2014 for the second phase.

By the end of the first campaign, Globe’s prepaid mobile data users grew to 9.7 million from 4.8 million. Its prepaid subscribers active on mobile data grew to 25 percent from 14 percent.

“Our partnership with Facebook enabled more Filipinos to gain internet connectivity, in line with the vision of to allow more and more people to have free access to internet services,” said Daniel Horan, Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Group.

Globe said the growth achieved during the free Facebook campaign was sustained even after the campaign ended.

The firm said that after the first phase, it was able to continue acquiring twice the number of new mobile data users versus prior levels, even when access to Facebook was no longer free.

Globe added that its partnership with Facebook helped drive an increase of 6 million Filipinos actively using mobile internet during the campaign.

According to Horan, Globe and Facebook will continue to collaborate on offers that aim to boost the accessibility of mobile internet.

"Globe and Facebook will be launching new and exciting offers to make mobile internet further accessible via, aiming to make more subscribers connected by providing a safe environment for browsing without incurring unexpected charges. More details to be released very soon," he said.

In a white paper recently published by Globe and Facebook, it showed that more Filipinos “have become comfortable with paid data and have weaned themselves off WiFi.”

The study said that the percentage of Filipinos who access Facebook only from WiFi and never from a mobile data network decreased to 17 percent at the end of Free Facebook Phase 2 from 38 percent at the start of the Free Facebook Phase 1 campaign.

“Filipino families will visit shopping malls on the weekend to take advantage of free WiFi, which for many can be their only access to the Internet. The Free Facebook campaign made a significant dent in WiFi-only Internet usage,” the study said.

Globe said the combination of new subscribers, growing data subscribers, increasing long-term data usage, and new comfort with paid data resulted to a positive change in data revenue.

The firm said that mobile browsing revenue increased 58 percent at the end of the first free Facebook campaign compared to the pre-free Facebook Phase 1.