Business Mentor: How to effectively build a loyal customer base

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Mar 13 2021 10:09 AM

Business Mentor: How to effectively build a loyal customer base 1
A salon worker in personal protective equipment cuts the hair of a customer. Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News file photo

One of the most critical tasks for startups is acquiring customers. This is particularly significant during the initial stages wherein you will truly struggle to find customers. 

The reason for this is that the market is unfamiliar with your offerings – products, services, and brand. Having the right people to handle this department is important. There may be tons of customer acquisition strategies laid down, but if the people handling these do not have enough expertise, then success is unlikely to be on the horizon.

To make the people start walking into your store and purchase, you should build TRUST. 

Ways to Attract Customers

First and foremost, there should be a specific demographic that you should target. Your products or services may be of universal use, but you should narrow down your focus to one or two markets at the start. 

Test the waters for the first few months until you discover who your target customers are. There is a reason why there are suggestion boxes found in some shops. This is a great way to know if your customers are happy with their purchase or overall shopping experience. When you have identified some of the faults, make adaptations to better suit your customer’s needs.

Customers want to feel valued. Sometimes, before they consider purchasing, they need to ask some questions which they hope to be answered. This is why an online presence is extremely important these days. Creating a business website makes it easier for customers to check out what you offer. It also allows a wider virtual audience to know about your business. Having a website and actively participating online through forums or replying to online inquiries can help boost customer loyalty.

Creating interesting video content can also help customers know more about your business. These videos should be interesting and provide value to customers in a meaningful way. Share these videos on your social media channels. Little by little they get to be more curious about your business which leads them to your website. Not long afterward, they will surely consider purchasing from you. 

Just to make it clear, the videos you share should be something relevant and not just full of colors and pictures. It should be something that would move them and instantly think about you.

The best inexpensive way for your business to be known is through word of mouth. Customer satisfaction will help promote your business.
Other than just posting your products and services, modern-day customers expect to see quality content on a regular basis. For example, if your business is about health/beauty products, it can be helpful to share informative insights regarding health and beauty. 

Your goal should not only be to sell your products but to educate your customers.

Many businesses give out loyalty cards for a reason. Each purchase that you make entitles you to a certain point, and when you accumulate enough points, you can get a discount or a freebie. We all love anything that is free or at a discounted price. When a business offers this kind of program to customers, it is likely that customers will come back again and again. 

The same goes for when you offer a referral program or refer a friend program. For example, a salon may offer a referral program to its customer wherein he/she will be given a 15 percent discount on the next service she will avail if she encourages one or two friends to try out their salon.

You need to have a creative imagination to make your customers stay loyal to you. But above everything else, providing great customer satisfaction will help you better succeed.


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