Philippines has slowest internet in Asia-Pacific: study


Posted at May 23 2017 10:39 AM

MANILA – The Philippines has the slowest internet in the Asia Pacific in the last three months of 2016, even as service gradually improved, a study showed.

However, there is “reason for optimism” as the new government under President Rodrigo Duterte has made improving internet connectivity a priority, according to Akamai’s fourth quarter State of the Internet report.

Internet speeds averaged 4.5 Mbps in the fourth quarter, up 7.9 percent from the previous quarter and up 44 percent from the comparable period in 2015, the report said.

The Philippines was ranked lowest among 15 Asia Pacific countries and 108th in the world, the report showed.

South Korea topped the global rankings with average speeds of 26.1 Mbps, followed by Norway (23.6 Mbps), Sweden (22.8 Mbps), Hong Kong (21.9 Mbps), Switzerland (21.2 Mbps), Denmark (20.7 Mbps), Finland (20.6 Mbps), Singapore (20.2 Mbps), Japan (19.6 Mbps) and the Netherlands (17.6 Mbps).

After South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, Taiwan had the fifth fastest with (15.6 Mbps), followed by Thailand (13.3 Mbps), New Zealand (12.9 Mbps), Australia (10.1 Mbps), Vietnam (8.3 Mbps), Malaysia (8.2 Mbps), Sri Lanka (7.3 Mbps), Indonesia (6.7 Mbps), China (6.3 Mbps), India (5.6 Mbps) and the Philippines.