Smart tips for a budget-friendly vacation


Posted at Mar 08 2015 09:27 AM | Updated as of Mar 08 2015 05:27 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Summer is almost here, but have you started planning your vacation yet?

In a recent episode of ANC's On The Money, blogger Anton Diaz shared some tips on how to plan a budget-friendly vacation.

"2015 is the golden age of travel, not just locally but internationally. It's very exciting... Traveling will be like eating in a restaurant because the cost of travel is really going down... Even accommodations, before it was just hotels, and now you have AirBNB, there are a lot of ways to manage your travel," he said.


Traveling on a budget doesn't necessarily mean scrimping on your entire travel experience.

Diaz noted more travelers are looking for authentic local experiences, while some even go to places where they can not just enjoy the local sights but also volunteer their time.

When planning your vacation, Diaz suggested going to the major travel fairs, which are typically held in February and September. Recently, some banks have been organizing their own travel fairs every quarter.

For instance, if you're planning to travel during summer, Diaz said you should have booked your tickets by November or December or January at the latest.

He also suggested avoiding traveling during peak seasons, not just for the Philippines, but for the destination.

"If you need to travel within a peak season, book way in advance for the best possible deal," he said.


There are also new routes for airlines, which open up more options for Filipino travelers.

He also suggested going on websites like Kayak and SkyScanner, which consolidate all available airline deals on airfares.

"Sometimes most of these platforms, it would be cheaper if you buy via mobile app," Diaz said.


While you may be tempted to do all the bookings on your own, he noted there are times when it's still good to book through a travel agency.

Diaz said travel agencies are good at finding deals for less-known destinations, and can direct clients to the best deals.

Some travel agencies also offer similar promo rates offered by airlines during travel fairs.

"It's better to have a travel agency friend to consult with or double check," he said.