Business Mentor: Growth through franchising

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Mar 04 2023 08:00 AM

If you are a seasoned business owner with extensive industry experience, or an entrepreneur trying to find ways to grow your first business, franchising can be an option. 

However, franchising may not be suitable for everyone. 

A business owner must first determine if his business is franchisable. As a prospective franchisor, it is necessary to evaluate the company's performance and the industry to which the firm belongs and determine its goals.

Franchising can be a tempting business opportunity to pursue. Here are some points that you need to know.

A franchise is a business model allowing owners to sell their goods and services under an established brand through a leasing agreement.

A legal process needs to be followed when starting a franchise. This protects both the franchisor and franchisee and is finalized in the agreement.

Having a franchise business can offer benefits that are not ideally found in a typical small business.

I am sure you have experienced dining at different popular fast-food restaurants which started abroad. And the success of these restaurants is proof of how franchising can help scale the business. Through franchising, the business can branch out and grow while allowing small business owners to run their operations with the support of a larger company with a proven formula for success.

Franchising is tempting and is what most entrepreneurs would have included in their plan after launching their business for some time. However, entrepreneurs need to understand what is involved before jumping into that option.

Benefits of Opening a Franchise

Franchising is seen to provide various benefits. Franchisors set the rules, policies, and guidelines which franchisees need to follow. Seminars and training are provided by franchisors to ensure the best chances of success. The training does not only teach how to run the business but to follow precisely how the franchisor wants it to be done and expects from all franchisees. Uniformity across all franchisees needs to be observed. 

The parent company assists with such as marketing strategies and materials. It would be easier for a business to be noticed with marketing. 

Hence franchisees pay a monthly fee to the parent company to provide all the marketing materials needed. In this Digital Age, where most businesses rely more on the internet, having a solid online presence is essential. 
However, some franchisors need to allow their franchisees to create posts in which they may not have control over the information being shared with the public.

Funding can be more accessible. Some entrepreneurs who wish to take a loan to start a franchise business may find it more accessible for their application to be approved because lenders feel more comfortable releasing the amount when they know that the company has a proven track record.

A franchise business can give you a better ROI, which can sometimes be just reached in just 6 months. Starting a franchise business makes selling products and services more accessible, mainly if the company has been operating for quite a while and has been proven to provide excellent service.

Characteristics of a Business Suitable for Franchising

As mentioned, opening your business for a franchise may not always be possible. If not done at the right time, it may result in disaster. Thus, the business owner should look into the business thoroughly to determine if the company is ready for franchising.

Here are some guide questions that can help you in deciding:

  • Is your brand recognized in different areas?
  • Has the business developed quality and consistent processes for creating and delivering its products and services?
  • Are the products and services always the same in quality, price, and availability?
  • Does the business have a proven track record?
  • Do you have a repeatable business model?

Something to ponder: A franchise business is a proven business model that can generate accelerated growth and quickly penetrate the market. However, it is a strategy for companies that clearly understand the basis of success and can repeat the model over and over.

Do you have plans to take your business to the next level? 
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