Business Mentor: Shaping the future with entrepreneurial education

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Feb 27 2021 12:18 PM

Business Mentor: Shaping the future with entrepreneurial education 1
A mother guides heer son through his learning module. ABS-CBN News file photo

From many years of experience in this industry, I can say that not everything that I know today came from the lessons I learned in school. There are aspects of life that are not included in the curriculum. I think it is best that the Education Department start teaching them to the younger generation now. 

What am I talking about? It is about how to handle your finances and put up your own business. 

I have seen many people who have great potential in making it big in business. However, they simply just don’t know where or how to start. 

While entrepreneurship is not for everyone, those who are serious about making a name in the industry are likely to succeed in business. 

The Role Of Entrepreneurial Education

Entrepreneurial education aims to prepare students to develop crucial life skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom walls. 

This allows students to have a bird’s eye view of what to expect when they are out in the real world. This type of education can significantly help decrease unemployment, boost economic growth, increase resilience, and aid in individual growth as well. 

Entrepreneurial education encourages students to start their own company, become more creative, proactive, innovative, and opportunity-oriented. 

Beyond the money, which we can earn from becoming a great entrepreneur, students can also develop the skills, behaviors, and attitudes which can benefit them in different situations. 

It teaches life skills such as:

  •     Learning to collaborate and work with a team
  •     Learning how to speak in public and be able to prepare an effective presentation
  •     Knowing how to use social media effectively and responsibly
  •     Solving complex problems
  •     Using curiosity and creativity to come up with excellent innovation

Entrepreneurial education is not just for those who may be interested in entering the fields of business, science, and technology, but can also help those who wish to take courses in arts, literature, music, and humanities by developing their imagination and teaching them to apply creative thinking skills to solve real-world challenges.

Advantages of Entrepreneurial Education

1.    Preparing students for the real world
Through entrepreneurial education, a student is taught crucial life skills that will help them overcome the challenges that they face in their everyday lives, including learning how to be part of a team and learning to accept failure.

2.    Developing problem identification and problem-solving Skills
One should be able to identify a problem so that he may come up with a better solution. Being an analytical thinker can be a huge factor in making any business a success.

3.    Developing grit
Grit refers to the passion and persistence of an individual, which are very important if he wants to become a successful entrepreneur. If you lack patience and perseverance, it is unlikely that you will get anywhere. 

4.    Encouraging creativity, innovation, and collaboration
Entrepreneurial education allows one to use his creative imagination to come up with great innovations. By engaging with other people who have the same interests, they can create something truly spectacular, while also making money. 

5.    Ready to change the world
Entrepreneurs create products and services that help consumers with their daily needs. And entrepreneurs continuously offer better products and services with the main goal of changing the lives of the people – making the world a better place.

Just imagine how the future will be better if our children are taught how they can become responsible as early as now, and how they can create a better tomorrow.

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