Philippines ranks 5th globally on career optimism: LinkedIn


Posted at Feb 12 2020 04:48 PM

MANILA - The Philippines is 5th globally in terms of optimism on their job and career prospects, a social networking platform for professionals said. 

LinkedIn said its 2020 Opportunity Index showed the Philippines coming 5th among 22 countries, behind just India, Indonesia, China and the United Arab Emirates. 

LinkedIn said the study looked at how confident the platform's users were about "gaining access to and pursuing opportunities" in their country. 

Philippines ranks 5th globally on career optimism: LinkedIn 1

"The future looks bright for developing economies and young, urban professionals. The five countries with the highest confidence about emerging and growing opportunities in their region are developing economies," LinkedIn said. 

The study ranked each country in terms of outlook on the economy over next the 12 months, availability of opportunities, and confidence in achieving success, among other metrics. 

Among LinkedIn users in the Asia Pacific region, having a good work-life balance was highest in the ranking of job-related opportunities.

"Doing what I love" meanwhile was the career preference of LinkedIn users in Canada and the United States, while those in Brazil and Mexico preferred careers that gave them job security. 

The study also noted that millennials preferred jobs that offered good work-life balance, while for Gen X respondents, good work-life balance is tied with job security.

Boomers and Gen-Zers meanwhile prioritized "Doing what I love."