What makes a good CEO candidate?


Posted at Feb 05 2018 11:29 AM | Updated as of Feb 05 2018 02:38 PM

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MANILA - A prospective CEO must be able to lead his company through uncertainties and come up with multiple solutions to problems, a recruitment consultant said.

"Entire industries are being disrupted. Your forecast can change because you have competition coming in from your blind side and sweep you by," Yu Ming Chin, executive director of Viventis-Search Asia told ANC's On the Money.

"I am always looking for people with a strong perspective sensing, meaning he doesn’t look at a challenge in a single looking perspective. He needs to be able to see what other alternative solution he can try," he added.

Leaders have the "ability to command a whole organization and to lead them to the result," he said.

People aged 35 to 40 are "more ready" to take on leadership challenges, but some are gifted enough to take on the responsibility at a youg age such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, he said.

"There’s a general rule, not fool-proof, but most CEOs come with a strong athletic background," Chin said. "You need to bounce back, you get injured what do you do after that."

Leaders cannot be anti-social because they direct different sectors of the organization including human resources, technology and marketing departments, among others.

"I prefer someone who has learned from failure, but not just someone who has failed and refuse to learn or fail because he cheated – integrity is very important," he said.