Business Mentor: Recognizing the value of a mentor

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Feb 04 2023 08:00 AM

The role of a business mentor is more than just telling you what kind of business is good for you. You will also be guided on how to write a business plan and all other aspects of the company. Business mentorship is a source of proven methods that help prevent or provide solutions to address a problem. A business mentor's experience and knowledge can help an entrepreneur shorten the learning curve.

Experience can indeed be the best teacher. However, every centavo counts when you are in business, and time is highly precious. If you are a new entrepreneur, you want to have the proper guidance to ensure that you are going on the right path.

Some entrepreneurs need to pay more attention to the value that business mentors bring to their businesses. They think that it is just an added expense when in reality, business mentors aid entrepreneurs in making sure that they achieve the success they want in their businesses. What some entrepreneurs need to realize is that mentors allow these entrepreneurs to have a firsthand look, gain insight and help them understand what they want to achieve in their life. 

Why do entrepreneurs need a mentor?

Popular brands we know today were only successful because of the mentorship they received. Many small businesses are said to have become successful because of their mentor's direct impact on each business's growth and survival.

1. A mentor is an essential asset in any career. Mentors can easily see problems in a way that no ordinary person can. Mentors know the ups and downs of the trade. And through his vast experience, he can act as your compass towards your entrepreneurial journey. While mentors provide you with all the guidance you need, mentors still allow their mentees to think about how they would run their businesses. Setbacks happen every once in a while. However, with a mentor by your side, you avoid stumbling on easily avoided situations.

2. Mentors are known to have a vast network. Through this, he can connect you with many people who can help you with your business. These can be suppliers, clients, or possible partners for future endeavors. Mentors are in contact with professionals in the industry and can open new opportunities for you.

3. Mentors focus on guiding entrepreneurs in running the business and developing a culture that supports the integrity of the organization—having a good culture enables employees to be constantly motivated and committed to their jobs. We know that when employees feel they are working at the right place, they become more efficient and productive, leading to the business's success.

4. Being in a business means a lot of decisions need to be made. Mentors help you make the right decisions and minimize consequences. It's a waste of time and resources, and entrepreneurs would rely on a "hit and miss" method. When a business often stumbles, customer trust declines.

5. Mentors can help you develop your management skills. Business is not only about selling products and services. To succeed, an entrepreneur must have management skills that include communication and planning, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. Practically, an entrepreneur wears a lot of hats, and it could be overwhelming at first. However, with the help of a mentor, an entrepreneur can develop these skills.

You may see a lot of mentors today. But not all mentors are the same. You want a mentor who will suit your needs and will invest their time and effort in you. Building a good relationship with your mentor is the key to reaching your business's goals.

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