Feng shui tips for your home and office in the Year of the Pig


Posted at Feb 04 2019 12:09 PM

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MANILA – Those born in the year of the rat, rabbit, horse and tiger are considered lucky in 2019 while those born in the year of the boar, snake, monkey and tiger could have a challenging year, a feng shui master said Monday.

Those with lucky signs should work hard to take advantage of opportunities while those with unlucky signs should avoid big investments and travel, Thomas Leang said on the eve of the Chinese New Year.

Homes and offices can attract prosperity by “balancing” the energy from heaven and earth, Leang told ANC's Early Edition.

Establishments with doors that open to the northwest side will be "very positive" this year, while those with southwest and northwest entrances should be careful. 

Waking up in the northwest brings positivity and wisdom. Using a red rug and red scented candles can make a home more "auspicious," he said.

To gain wisdom, put 4 fortune plants in the north corner of homes, he said.

One key element of feng shui is "compassion," which brings energy that makes the soul "shine," he said.

"When you shine, when your force is improving, you attract people, you magnify and people will love to deal with you because you are always practicing your compassion," he said.

"Our country, the element is too strong of fire. We are suffering when the fire element is strong but this year, the water is coming in so there’s a lot of improvement in our country," he said.