Tagalog featured in Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad


Posted at Feb 03 2014 04:22 PM | Updated as of Feb 04 2014 05:32 PM

Fil-American girl sings in Coke ad

MANILA, Philippines – Coca-Cola unveiled a multilingual ad, which featured Tagalog and seven other languages, during the live telecast of NFL Super Bowl XLVIII in the US.

The 60-second spot titled “It’s Beautiful” featured the song “America The Beautiful” sung in English, Tagalog, Senegalese-French, Hebrew, Mandarin, Keres, Arabic and Spanish.

The Coke ad highlighted the different colors, lifestyles and origins of Americans.

At the ad’s 0:16 mark, Filipino-American Leilani sang the line, “Above the fruited plain” translated into "Sa ibabaw ng mga prutas" in Tagalog.

The ad was a collaboration between Coca-Cola and Portland’s Wieden + Kennedy. It was produced by Skunk Productions and directed by John Hillcoat.

Coca-Cola also released on YouTube several versions of “America The Beautiful” sung in various languages.

“I think people will really feel good in themselves to know that America is there and to hear it in many other languages spoken, especially if one of the languages is a language that you speak, then it’ll really get deep inside of you,” Leilani said.

The ad was also the first SuperBowl ad depicting a gay couple and their daughter.

The ad drew mixed reactions as some felt the patriotic song should only be sung in the English language.

Those against the ad used the hashtag #BoycottCoke, while those who supported the ad’s message of diversity tweeted using the hashtag #AmericaisBeautiful.

Coca-Cola has expressed plans to launch a 90-second version of the spot during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics.