China strongly opposes planned U.S. total ban on exports to Huawei

Kyodo News

Posted at Jan 31 2023 08:37 PM

TOKYO - Beijing on Tuesday expressed its strong opposition to a reported plan by the United States to impose a total ban on US technology exports to China's telecom-equipment giant Huawei Technologies Co.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning criticized Washington for "abuse of state power" to hobble the Chinese company by "stretching the concept of national security" and described the reported move as "an example of US technological hegemony."

The Financial Times said Monday the administration of US President Joe Biden has stopped providing US companies with licenses to export to Huawei as it moves toward imposing a total ban on the sale of US technology to the Chinese company.

In May 2019, the administration of Biden's predecessor Donald Trump added Huawei to a list of companies banned from buying components and technology from US firms without government approval, citing a national security threat as its equipment could be used for cyberespionage.

However, the US Commerce Department continued issuing licenses for some companies to provide technology unrelated to 5G high-speed wireless networks. Huawei denies espionage allegations.