Galaxy S9 is coming: Samsung teases 're-imagined' camera


Posted at Jan 26 2018 08:54 AM

MANILA - Samsung teased improved camera performance in its flagship Galaxy S9 phones, which will be launched on Feb. 25, according to a post on its official Twitter page.

The camera will be "re-imagined" in the new device according to the post, which features a large number "9" in purple against a plain black background.

Last year's Galaxy S8 and S8+ marked Samsung's return to form after it recalled its Galaxy Note 7 in late 2016 due to faulty batteries. 

The S9 and S9+ will likely sport a similar design compared to the S8 line according to various leaks. The larger S9+ plus will have dual lenses on the back, like the Galaxy Note 8 from late 2017.

The S9 line's unveiling one month earlier compared to the S8 will give Samsung a better shot at competing with Apple's 1,000-dollar iPhone X, which went on sale before Christmas, according to analysts.

The Note 8's camera got a 94 score from mobile camera reviewer DxOMark, making it the fourth best mobile camera available today behind the Google Pixel 2, the iPhone X and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

The S8 line scored 88 and has fallen out of the DxOMark top 10 since its release in early 2017.